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Transforming the scientific knowledge generated in research centers into products with high added value for the health industry, developing new nutritional supplements of precision and high bioavailability, with great therapeutic potential for the treatment of chronic diseases of high incidence at present./p>


Our vision is to establish ourselves as an international reference in innovation in the clinical-therapeutic sector, developing scientifically endorsed products and nutritional strategies that generate value for society and improve the quality of life of the population.


Respect and transparency: we always seek to improve the quality of human life in different areas, through innovative projects that provide solutions to society.

Innovative nature: Forchronic is developing new nutraceutical products with therapeutic activity, some of which have already been validated in clinical phases, where the first positive results have been obtained.

Difference: currently, there are no products similar to ours.

Responsibility: development of new products that improve the quality of life of current society.


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