Forchronic, a biotechnology company owned by the Autonomous University of Madrid and focused on the development of new precision nutritional and nutraceutical supplements, has RECEIVED THE AWARD OF THE NEOTEC PROGRAM OF THE YEAR 2020.

The title of the project presented by Forchronic is “PRECISION NUTRITIONAL FORMULAS FOR IMMUNE AND INFLAMMATORY DISEASES ”, through which the company will carry out the industrial development of its bioactive compound system and the necessary clinical validations of several exclusive formulas of the company for infectious and immune diseases.

The project approved by the Neotec Program will allow the company to have a small-scale industrial production system of its patented vehicle (LIPCHRONIC Brand) and the consequent development of new nutraceutical products and nutritional supplements based on this technology.

Likewise, the company will also carry out the clinical validation of various nutraceutical formulations in immuno-inflammatory based pathologies and diseases such as the flu and the common cold.

The development of this project and the achievement of each of its milestones will allow the company to increase its pipeline of products and clinical validations, as well as to develop new nutritional compounds carried in its carrier system, which improves the bioavailability and efficacy of said compounds.

All this will provide Forchronic with added value and will allow the company to continue with its commercial and R&D work.

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