Forchronic launches a new nutraceutical with a novel formulation to enhance and strengthen the immune system.

Forchronic, a company owned by the Autonomous University of Madrid (UAM) and classified as a company based on the UAM’s knowledge, launches a new clinically validated nutraceutical on the market for the enhancement and reinforcement of the immune system.

The product, called INMUNELIPCHRONIC, is already available in our country. Forchronic has reached an agreement with the SNTI company for its distribution in Spain, Portugal, the US and Mexico.

This new product has an immunomodulatory effect, strengthening the innate immune system and preventing diseases and infections. The immune system protects the body from infectious agents, such as viruses and bacteria, so its proper functioning is necessary to maintain the correct immune balance.

In addition, certain seasonal periods, such as the arrival of cold, cause our immune system to be weakened. The World Health Organization itself recommends << strengthening the immune system to deal with Covid-19 and the Common Flu >>.*


About Forchronic, S.L.

Forchronic is a biotechnology company, based on the knowledge of the Autonomous University of Madrid (UAM) and owned by the Sociedad de Inversión Canaan Research and Investment, S.L. and the UAM.

Fochronic specializes in the development of new nutraceuticals and precision nutritional supplements for enhancing the immune system and preventing chronic diseases such as cancer and autoimmune pathologies.

About Lipchronic

Fochronic has developed a new range of precision nutraceutical products based on its patented Lipchronic technology. Lipchronic is a vehicle / carrier system for compounds based on bioactive lipids that improves the stability and solubility of the compound it carries and, therefore, makes it more bioavailable in the body, improving its absorption, assimilation, digestion and effectiveness.

In addition, this vehicle system is properly bioactive, being capable of enhancing and stimulating the immune system, generating a synergistic effect with the activity of the natural extract.

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